You are more than welcome to see our fire department, our equipment and activities. In special occasions, it is possible that we can come to show our equipment on certain locations.

Open doors

Twice a year we have open doors at our station. We show our equipment and have some sales as a fund raiser. The first open doors activity is generally at the end of April. The second open doors is held during the national fire prevention week in the end of November. National campaign calls this officially with a name "Day at the fire station".

As the name suggest, we open our doors for you to see our activities and equipment at our station in. Everybody is welcome that day and have possibility to sit in a fire truck or ask questions you always wanted to ask from your local firemen. During the “Day at fire station” you also have a chance to participate in activities that are normally only available for the fire fighters. During the open doors, our youth section gives presentations about fire extinguishing and our women's section takes care for the catering and sometimes other sales activities.

Individual visits

Individuals visits need to be arranged on forehand. Because we are a fully volunteer fire department, this means that the station is not 24/7 occupied and it’s not possible to just walk in and see around. But if it happens to be, that members of our department are at the station, the doors are of course open, You’re always welcome to ask questions and maybe get some small guided tour at the station.

Group visits

School and other groups are more than welcome to visit our station to get acquainted with our work. We offer small presentations about our work and explain what kind of apparatus we are using. A group visit needs to be arranged on forehand as well, because we need to have enough members at the station to full fill your expectations.

Equipment presentation on location

Our fire department is willing to show our equipment on special occasions at special locations, such as youth events or kindergarden/school. If these presentations on location happen to be in the (late) afternoon or weekend, the likelihood of success is much bigger than when it is organized on a morning. But if you ask for a presentation at location well in advance, we do our best to make it happen!