On weekdays between 7 am till 17 pm Savio Volunteer Fire Department responds within 20 minutes and between 17 pm till 7 am and over the weekends within 10 minutes after the alarm. Usually our first out unit leaves the station in less than 5 minutes from the alarm. Our area of activity is the city of Kerava and its adjacent areas. There is also a paid fire and rescue station in Kerava, whereas Savio VFD can be characterized as an assisting department. When the professional department’s rescue units leave outside the city, Savio VPK's role as a city protector is emphasized.

The Savio VFD is alarmed from the Emergency Center by using robotic calls sent to firefighters' mobile phones and through the authorities’ radio network. The VFD participates in Kerava and the surrounding areas into all multiple unit structure fires. Savio VFD can also be alerted to the larger fires in the neighboring areas as part of the Regional Rescue Service of Central Uusimaa. There are about 120 fire alarms per year in the fire department.

In many respects the the VFD’s response area is rather challenging. The city of Kerava’s area is moderately small, only 30.9 square kilometers. However, the population density is 1153 inhabitants / km, which is the country's third largest (in 2015). In addition, the city of Kerava is located at the hub of many important access roads. The Helsinki-Oulu main railroad passes through the city, which combines the other rail main line from Lahti and the industrial lines to Porvoo refinery and the railway to Vuosaari harbor. The traffic of dangerous goods goes through the city of Kerava is very intensive on the Helsinki-Lahti highway and a regional road from the Porvoo oil refinery. The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Finland’s major airport) is only about 10 km away, causing its own risk factors; the airport’s main approach path passes directly across the city.

The Regional Rescue Service of Central Uusimaa gives the Savio VFD an annual allocation to cover the maintenance and operation costs of the apparatus. Firefighters also actively take part in fundraising work to maintain the department’s ability to operate. VFD's firefighters are not paid for their work in the fire department. Even the chief of the fire dept does not enjoy financial compensation for his work. In addition to the alarm department, there is an active youth and women’s section in the fire department. The Fire Department's practices every Monday throughout the year. Youth section practices on Wednesdays and the Women's Section will meets once a month on Tuesdays. Welcome to join us!